Awnings are an affordable home accessory that will enhance a beautiful backyard, help to reduce energy cooling costs and provide protection from the sun’s damaging rays as well as inclement weather.


Fabric awnings and canopies will shade your deck from the sun, and provide outdoor protection on rainy days. Shading your windows, decks and patios will create an environment that allows you to enjoy outdoor activities while avoiding excessive heat, sun and UV exposure.


1. Retractable Patio Awnings : folding arms design for backyards , patios, balconies from 5′ to 13′ projection and from 8′ up to 41′ width. Heavy duty models design in Europe and assembled in Canada with 10 Year Warranty on frame and fabric , motorized or manual operation with optional wind sensors.

2. Retractable Cassette Awnings : folding or telescopic arms design for backyards and cottages,  from 5′ to 16’5” projection and from 7′ up to 39′ width. Heavy-duty models with fabric and arms protected inside the aluminum box , great for cottages where awning is closed for long periods of time.

3. Free Standing Retractable Awnings : Mobile type design for backyards and cottages, a great alternative to an umbrella , space under awning can be freely used, two models available from 10′ to 14’9” projection and from 10’4” up to 18’3′ width. Heavy duty model from 10′ to 23′ projection and from 8’7” up to 20’1′ width requires a concrete footing.


4. Retractable Window Awnings : Elegant , high-quality drop arm awning , two models available from 1’8” to 5’9” projection and from 3′ up to 15′ width. Can be installed to shade various areas from window to balcony.

5. Retractable Terrace Awnings : Pergola awning is a weather protection system for patios and backyards , models are available from 6’7” to 23′ projection and from 7′ up to 23′ width. Robust system fitted with adjustable guide rails and support post.

6. Conservatory Retractable Awnings : Exterior sun protection for conservatories, pergolas and glass roofs. Models are available from 7′ to 23′ projection and from 7′ up to 23′ width. Permanent high fabric tension with integrated gas-filled cylinder .

7. Vertical Retractable Awnings : Exterior sun protection for windows or any type of facade. Models are available from 3′ to 13′ height and from 2′ up to 19′ width. Various fixing options available . Privacy , sun and wind protection.

8. Traditional Fixed Awnings : Traditional aluminum frame awnings with a variety of cover options from fabric to vinyl. Hundreds of colours and patterns to choose from .  10 Year Warranty on frame and fabric.

9. Dome Fixed Awnings : Elegant quarter ball or basket awnings . Excellent durability and style, Custom made to fit any residence .  10 Year Warranty on frame and fabric.

10. Arched Acrylic Glass Canopies : High-quality wall mounted models from 2′ to 5′ projection and from 2′ up to 90′ width. Variable application with optional hardware parts.

11. Fixed Entrance Canopies : Durable aluminum frame covered with acrylic or vinyl fabric.  Custom sizes made to fit any residence .  10 Year Warranty on frame and fabric.

13. Vertical Screens : Fixed or retractable screens are the great solutions for shade and privacy . A variety of sizes and colours available .  Manual or motorized options.

14. Aluminum Composite Canopy : 
Durable aluminum and Styrofoam sandwich roofing system with posts and eavestrough . Up to 14′ projection. Custom sizes made to fit any residence . 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty .


15. Gazebos & Free Standing Canopies : Long lasting, welded aluminum frame with lifetime warranty. Heavy duty vinyl or acrylic fabric with 10-year manufacturer warranty. Our product is built to withstand the wind, rain, and snow.


16. Aluminum Awnings are available in a wide range of sizes and colours to suit your needs. They are custom made to fit and keep the home cooler in Summer protect door and windows in Fall and Winter.
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