Awnings and canopies enhance visual appeal. Incorporate your logo, company colours and other distinctive architectural details into your building design with the help of an awning or canopy.


Omnimark Awning provides custom-designed awnings and canopies for your commercial building and other renovation projects. Our commercial awnings are the best, most cost-effective advertising you will ever purchase.


1. TRADITIONAL frame awning is comprised of a down-slanting front panel with or without two sides. It can be used over smaller areas like windows and doors. Illuminated from inside or outside can also provide great signage.Omnimark Awnings - TraditionalAwnings 
2. PATIO frame awning can be used over smaller areas like doors and entryways, but can also provide protection over large areas like restaurant patios , store fronts , porches and decks.

3. WATERFALL awning is a curved frame awning and is often used to break up hard lines of a building. The perfect way to add color, shape, and light to the facade. Graphic text and business logos can easily be added.
Omnimark Awnings warefall

4. LONG DOME awning is a combination of the standard dome awning and the waterfall awning. It is ideal for spaces that have limited overhead clearance to accommodate a standard dome awning.

5. BASKET & CONCAVE canopy , traditional and interesting shape, ideal for storefronts, doors or windows, adds an elegance to your business or residence. From standard appearance to a sophisticated look.
Omnimark Awnings Concave
Omnimark Awnings concave-viaallegro1

6. DOME awnings are the simple way to compliment the beauty of a commercial or residential building. Dome awnings are made to offer a softer look, whether you need to protect your doors, windows or arched entryway.
Omnimark Awnings Dome


7. GABLE STYLE frame canopy can be used over entryways to buildings and hotels but can also provide protection over large areas like restaurant patios, Graphics can be added to give business instant recognition.
Omnimark Awnings Gable
Omnimark Awnings Gable Style

8. ROUND ENTRANCE canopies are custom made to fit most hotels, restaurants and apartment buildings. Practical and elegant protection against elements, adding graphics and lighting can give your business a unique look.
Omnimark Awnings Round


9. ROUND MARQUEE canopies are a combination of the standard dome awning and the round entrance canopy. Installed with post or columns are ideal addition to older classical buildings, restaurants, and hotels.
Omnimark Awnings RoundMarquee

10. RETRACTABLE awnings essential for storefronts and restaurants, protecting your patrons from rainfall or blistering sun in summer months. A Large variety of models is available from small window awnings to large patio canopies.

Omnimark Awnings - Retractable1