Awning Fabric

Awning Fabric Material for residential and commercial applications:
SUNBRELLA & DIXON are the Highest Quality Solution-dyed acrylic fabric with 5-10 years manufacturer warranty. With solution-dyed acrylic, the fibre is first dyed with acrylic pigments before being turned into yarn and woven into cloth. By contrast, most fibre starts off colourless. The advantage of a solution-dyed acrylic material is that the colour goes all the way through the material, making it less susceptible to fading, wear and tear, and in some cases, it can be resistant to bleaching.

2016 Sunbrella Fabric 

Omnimark Awnings Sunbrella-Book-23

Omnimark Awnings Sunbrella-Book-22 Omnimark Awnings Sunbrella-Book-21 Omnimark Awnings Sunbrella-Book-20 Omnimark Awnings Sunbrella-Book-19 Omnimark Awnings Sunbrella-Book-18 Omnimark Awnings Sunbrella-Book-17 Omnimark Awnings Sunbrella-Book-162016 Dixon Fabric
Omnimark-Awnings-Dickson Sun Omnimark-Awnings-Dickson Nature Omnimark-Awnings-Dickson Azur Omnimark-Awnings-Dickson Block Omnimark-Awnings-Dickson Symphony Omnimark-Awnings- Fancy Omnimark-Awnings-Dickson Fire Omnimark-Awnings-Dickson Opera Omnimark-Awnings-Dickson Max Omnimark-Awnings-Dickson Alto Omnimark-Awnings-Dickson Sun-worker